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Renewal of Registered License for imported feed and feed additive

Renewal of import feed and feed additives registration

Registration certificate of import feed and feed additives is valid for 5 years.
  If the enterprises need to continue to export feed and feed additives to China after the import registration certificate has expired, application for renewal should be made six months before the expiration.
The following documents should be provided when application for renewal is made:

Application materials
Table of content
Application form of import feed and feed additives renewal registration
Import registration certificate
Qualification certificate of domestic agency
Power of attorney
Certificate of local approval for production and use
Quality standards, inspection methods and quality inspection report
Labels used locally, Chinese labels and trademark
 Type of feed products that need to obtain the import registration license:

(1)Compound feed: Pet feed, including dry and wet food (canned food)
(2)Concentrate feed
(3)Additive Premix Feed
(4)Concentrate Supplement 
(5)Feed Additives: The Catalogue of Feed Additive Varieties (2008) (No. 1126 Announcement of the Ministry of Agriculture). The products of feed additive are the products with requiring the evaluation of registration which are not included in the catalogue but the producer has approved to produce and use.
(6)Animal based feed
(7)The single feed: Fat powder (plants source), feed inactivated saccharomyces cerevisiae powder, enzymatic soybean protein, fermented soybean powder, potato protein powder and its fermented products, extruded soybean meal, DDGS and DDG and other single feed products treated by special processing technology.
(8)Other protein feed, feed and energy mixture (excluding bulk feed ingredients, such as palm meal, etc.).

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